About Us

About Us

Gayatri Pharmaceuticals was started in 1980 in India at Rajpipla, a small but effervescent town in Gujarat. Our objective of founding was to promote the message of Ayurveda and its authentic and traditional means to treat various ailments universally. Today, we have created a niche in the industry and recognized in a large market as a trusted manufacturer, wholesaler/distributor and supplier of a wide range of ayurvedic products such as Ayurvedic Medicine, Churna, Extract, Bhasmas, Pishti, Tali, Vati-Guti, Ras-Rasayan In Bulk Quantity, Veterinary Products, Ayurvedic Medicine Like Ashwagandha Powder, Triphala Tablet and others. We believe in consistency and simplicity, and these two elements, quite natural to our organization. Subsequently, we have expanded our business to a larger dimensions with many channel distributors and vendors to help us to supply products to various parts of the country.

Our products are 100% natural, herbal and extracted through traditional ayurvedic means. We provide our clients with the highest quality of natural ingredients that is no artificial coloring, chemicals or any other additives used. Our products are predominantly organic and used for therapeutic usages. We have been supplying these products more than 30 years now, and readily accepted by customers, distributors and others for their wide variety of positive effects.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance in our organization is an umbrella term, covering all aspects of the business that individually or collectively influence the quality of products. We have implemented a total quality management policy to ensure all pharmaceutical products are made with the quality for the intended usage. We design and develop products that are in compliance with the requirements of GMP and other regulatory codes. We have documented our quality assurance policy with proper evaluation on each stage.
  • Our quality control starts from the very beginning raw material procurement, intermediate products, in-process control, calibrations, and validation.
  • The final products are properly processed and evaluated according defined standards.
  • There are methodologies for self-inspection and quality auditing for the appraisal of effectiveness and applicability of products.
Research & Development

Research and development is an integral part of our business. We innovate research spanning the entire spectrum of our pharmaceutical products, development, evaluation and quality compliance. We research on small drug molecules, latest innovation on ayurvedic medicines, preformulation, pharmacogenomics, pharmacodyanamics and others. We have appropriate research facility that is equipped with modern machinery and tools to study on different aspects of traditional holistic medicines. We have employed some qualified research associates who are dedicated on new findings and coordinate with the production department to implement on the production process.

Manufacturing Facility

We understand that ayurvedic medicines require extreme precision and good skill set to produce from the raw materials. We have setup a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit complying with the government rules and quality regulatory measures. Our machinery is modern and specially designed to process these products efficiently and within a schedule time span. For example, we use indirect heating system to extract the ayurvedic drug in extractor and concentrate under vacuum to preserve the essential constituents of the drugs. We have different stages of processing and sampling of drugs at each stage. 
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Village Bhadam, Taluka Rajpipla, Dist Narmada, Near Maninageshwar Mahadev temple Bhadam,, Rajpipla, Gujarat, 393145, India
Phone :+918037401721